Nsingo presents a series of powerful, energetic and soulful performances that blends contemporary dance, text and music. The work is centred upon the main short dance film work, mymothersshoes (2014). Using voice recordings from her family and traditional Zambian song, join Lindy for an evening of dance, informed by ideas of migration and of responding to a foreign space. The work was previously performed at Art Night London 2018 and will be shown again at Camden People’s theatre. Belong will be a continuation of exploring Lindy’s own migratory experiences, bold and innovative aesthetic. Choreographer and performer Lindy Nsingo, writes, “I am fortunate and thrilled to present this new theatre work at Camden People’s theatre helping to showcase contemporary dance from the African diaspora and bring to life my own family history.

Tickets £12 / £10 (concs)

020 7419 4841


Thursday 25th October, 7.15pm

Camden People’s Theatre
58-60 Hampstead Road
London NW1 2PY

Self (2012)

Choreographer and performer
Lindy Nsingo

Michael Johnson

Nicholas Keegan

Jack Thomson

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Joe Walkling

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