the rumble

The one-shot clip serves as the final visual chapter in a series, encompassing All My Dreams, Plaything and most recently Jacuzzi Rollercoaster. All four videos follow a personal narrative arc around the halycon days of clubbing, the culture it bred and the characters it formed and nurtured. Murphy explained:

I was lucky enough to work with badass choreographer and dancer Lindy Nsingo across these video projects.  Before this performance, I showed her a reference for the dancing, a clip from The New Dance Show, a late 80’s tv show from Detroit, the clip featured a woman who looked like Lindy – popping and headbanging to some incredible techno, we used it as the styling reference also, but I had no clue Lindy would take it to the extremes she did.

“The performance blew the top off the room but still, I didn’t expect the Rumble would be a one-shot video until I watched the footage back. Her performance is like the track itself, it’s church, it’s spiritual, it’s possessed. This all happened at the end of a two day shoot and I’m only proud that I had created an environment in which it could happen, the rest of it is all down to Lindy.”

Created in collaboration with Baltimore musician, producer and DJ Maurice Fulton and released through The Vinyl Factory, The Rumble/World’s Crazy are the final pair of tracks in a series of 12″ singles released by the Moloko vocalist across 2018.

Stickler, J | “Roísín Murphy Shares Self-Directed Video For The Rumble” | November 2018

The Rumble (2018)

Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy

Main Performer
Lindy Nsingo

Joe Walkling

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