the lindy show

The Lindy Show is a new entertainment variety show combining dance, text and a showcase of many unusual talents. Speaking from a black woman’s position in the modern world, watch Lindy as she plays host, performer, and the variety act.

Lindy Nsingo’s chat show—a funny yet tragic projection of a woman on the edge. All charm, charisma and personality, Nsingo runs her show, The Lindy Show with a healthy disregard to the conventions of how a celebrity hostess should behave.”

Josephine Leask

The Lindy Show

Choreographer and Performer
Lindy Nsingo

Amelia Cardwell

Michael Johnson

Jack Thomson

Live Drafts, The Yard, London
12 September 2018

Other performances 
Woman SRSLY: Wildlife in Strange Waters, takeover at The Place, London
14 March 2019

Joe Walkling

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