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London, UK


Bachelor of Arts, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK, 2009
Master of Arts, London Contemporary Dance School, London, UK, 2012

Born in Zambia, raised in Belgium, Lindy Nsingo is a choreographer, performer and movement director based in London. Nsingo’s innovative, bold and athletic work has led her to a series of collaborations with world-renowned international artists including Rósín Murphy, Shaun Gladwell, Trey Ratcliff and Lena Liv. Drawing upon her personal migratory experience Lindy Nsingo has established a unique movement aesthetic that speaks to the essential human desire to belong in a constantly spinning world.

Nsingo has presented her own choreographic work at international art festivals and theatres, including Dancing Makes Me Joyful, a live dance and art exhibition in collaboration with Lena Liv was for the opening of the 56th Venice Biennale in May 2015. In 2018 Nsingo created Belong which was performed at Art Night 2018, London’s largest free contemporary art festival.

More recent choreographic works include; The Lindy Show as part of Woman SRSLY at The Place, Six Song Soapbox for The Yard Theatre and Belong at Camden People’s Theatre.

Nsingo’s work is informed by her own personal experiences, sense of humour and unique lens on the world. Her artistic practice draws from her individual background and identity and may often appear autobiographical in some way. Lindy incorporates improvisation, movement, sound and text to make transcendental, expressive and cinematic works that deal with universal themes such as the essence of being and/or the human experience.

Working from her own improvised approaches to movement, Lindy also coaches,  teaches and facilitates workshops that aim to motivate, inspire and promote well-being for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Her work has been supported by The Place, Woman SRSLY, The Yard, Arts Council England and the FreeSpace programme at Studio Wayne McGregor.

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